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My Taiko No Tatsujin drum head on mah butt. Will eventually get the other face on the other Davinci Tattoo in Orlando, FL

My Link tattoo, all finished! This took about 3 1/2 hours total.
October 2013
(c) Elmo Absenta
world of warcraft and skyrim tattoo

This is beautiful.
This is my Hylian script tattoo(Twilight Princess font, liked the lettering style better lol) which says “Hero Of Time” very proud of this and also thought it was really unique and also original!
My Final Fantasy X-2 tattoo of Yuna!
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Quick Question:

What do you think of the new layout? I can’t decide on a background… who wants to suggest color themes?

my life for aiur

Got my Cactuar done finally

got my very first tattoo :D
Crappy webcam quality of my Zelda Goron symbol tattoo! :>
Got in done at Mass Ink in West Bridgewater, MA.
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